Booty Boost Home Bundle

Are You looking to Build a Bigger, Round, Toned and Lifted Booty from the Comfort of Your Home?


Then this Bundle is Right for You!


This is Ivana's 12 Week, 3 Day per Week, Booty Boosting Training Program.


In Order for Your Muscles to Grow, they Must be Forced to Adapt to a Greater Stress than Previously Accustomed to; Hence the Release of this Bundle! This Bundle will Ultimately provide Variation in your Training Volume and Intensity over a 12 Week Period, which according to Research, is Optimal for Gaining Strength and Muscle!


It Includes:

  • All of Ivana's Booty Boost Training Programs; Vol. 1, 2 & 3
  • 3 Comprehensive Workout Plans with Fully Described Exercises and Detailed Prescription Principles Written by a Qualified Exercise Physiologist
  • A list of Common Errors for each Exercise and Strategies to Overcome them
  • 3 Private Video Libraries that Corresponds with Each Program

Booty Boost Home Bundle