Booty Boost Gym Bundle


Are you looking to build a bigger, round, toned and lifted booty?

Then this bundle is right for you!


This is Ivana’s 12 week, 3 day per week, Booty Boosting training program.

In order for your muscles to grow, they must be forced to adapt to a greater stress than previously accustomed to; Hence the release of this bundle! This bundle will ultimately provide variation in your training volume and intensity over a 12 week period, which according to research, is optimal for gaining strength and muscle!


It includes:

○ All of Ivana’s Booty Boost training programs; Vol. 1, 2 & 3


○ 3 comprehensive workout plans with fully described exercises and detailed prescription principles written by a qualified Exercise Physiologist


○ A list of common errors for each exercise and strategies to overcome them


○ 3 private video libraries that corresponds with each program

Gym Booty Boost Bundle