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Are you looking to build a bigger, round, toned and lifted booty from the comfort of your home? Then this program is right for you!


This is Ivana’s 4 week, Booty Boosting training program.


What you'll get:


○ A comprehensive workout plan with fully described exercises and detailed prescription principles written by a qualified Exercise Physiologist


○ A list of common errors for each exercise and strategies to overcome them


○ Access to a private video library, which includes all the follow-through workout videos (music and non-music versions of each workout so you can listen to your own music if you wish)


○ A tailored 4 week (day-by-day) follow-through booty schedule


○ Access to a progress chart to better track your booty growth:

– Before & after photos

– Booty measurement

– Strength assessment


What you'll need:


- A set of weights that suit you (preferably one lighter and one heavier weight)

- A set of resistance bands (preferably Getfitbyivana's bands, which you can purchase together with this program for a very generous discounted price)

Booty Boost Home Program - Vol. 1

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