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Congratulations on completing Vol. 2! Are you ready to kickstart Vol. 3?


This is Ivana’s 3rd, 4 week Booty Boosting training program.


It’s a progression from Vol. 2… Meaning, the exercises and prescription principles are advanced!


In order for your muscles to continually grow, they must be forced to adapt to a greater stress than previously accustomed to; Hence the release of Vol. 3! This program will ultimately provide variation in your training volume and intensity, which according to research, is optimal for gaining strength and muscle! If you would like to further reshape your booty following completion of Vol. 2, then this program is right for you!


What you'll get:


○ A comprehensive workout plan with fully described exercises and detailed prescription principles written by a qualified Exercise Physiologist


○ A list of common errors for each exercise and strategies to overcome them


○ Access to a private video library, which includes all the follow-through workout videos (music and non-music versions of each workout so you can listen to your own music if you wish)


○ A tailored 4 week (day-by-day) follow-through booty schedule


○ Access to a progress chart to better track your booty growth:

– Before & after photos

– Booty measurement

– Strength assessment


What you'll need:


- A set of weights that suit you (preferably one lighter and one heavier weight)

- A set of resistance bands (preferably Getfitbyivana's bands, which you can purchase together with this program for a very generous discounted price)

Booty Boost Home Program - Vol. 3

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