Weight Loss Program - Vol. 1

This Program is Designed for Anyone Wanting to Lose Weight a More Enjoyable Way!

It Includes 3 Private Follow-Through Workout Videos Instructed by Ivana:

- 2 x 25 Min HIIT Workouts

- 1 x 10 Min Belly Fat/Core Workout


Why This Program WORKS!

Ivana’s Follow-Through Workouts Include a Balanced Mix of Cardio and Strength Exercises, which according to Research, is Optimal for Weight loss and Fat Mass Loss.


Here’s How:

As You Lose Weight, You not only Lose Fat Mass, but You also Lose Muscle Mass, which is the Primary Driver of Our Metabolism. As You Begin to Lose More and More Weight, Your Muscle Mass Further Declines and so does Your Metabolism! Hence why Your Family and/or Friends were able to Lose Weight in the Short-Term, but NOT the Long-Term!


Initially, You’ll have a “Normal” Metabolism and thus Burn a lot of Calories during Exercise and at Rest. However, as You Gradually Lose More Weight, You’ll find it Harder and Harder to keep on Losing, and Perhaps may even Re-Gain Weight (which is so Sadly Common)! Why? Because Your Metabolism has Rapidly Slowed Down!


“Weight Loss Induces the Perfect Storm for Weight Regain”


Ivana’s Balanced Mix of Cardio and Strength Exercises Aims to Burn as Many Calories as Possible, whilst also Aiming to Retain as much Muscle Mass as Possible so that Your Metabolism Remains Elevated throughout Your Weight Loss Journey. This way, You can be Assured of a Successful Weight Loss Transformation :)


What You’ll Get

  • Access to 3 Follow-Through Workout Videos
  • A Printable PDF of the Program
  • A 12-Week Weight Loss Tracking Graph
  • A 1-Year Weight Loss Tracking Graph (for the serious individuals)!


What You’ll Need

Nothing! No Specialised Equipment is Needed – Complete the Workouts Indoors or Outdoors, at Home or in the Gym, at Your Local Park or even in Your Driveway!

Weight Loss Program - Vol. 1