Weight Loss Program - Vol. 2

Congratulations on Completing Vol. 1!


Are You Ready to Kickstart Vol. 2?


This is Ivana's 2nd Weight Loss Training Program.


It's a Progression from Vol. 1... Meaning, the Exercises and Prescription Principles are Advanced!


In Order to Keep on Losing Weight, it's Important to Increase the Volume and Intensity of Your Training; Hence the Realease of Vol .2! This Program will Ultimately provide Variation in your Training Volume and Intensity, which according to Research, is Optimal for Weight loss and Fat Mass Loss. If You Would Like to Keep on Losing Weight Following Completion of Vol. 1, then this Program is Right for You!


It Includes 3 Private Follow-Through Workout Videos Instructed by Ivana:

- 2 x 20 Min Belly Fat/Core & Cardio Workouts

- 1 x 20 Min HIIT Workout

Weight Loss Program - Vol. 2