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plan overview

This Program is Handwritten by Myself and Jayden; an Exercise Physiologist. The Program is Designed for Anyone wanting to Build a Bigger, Round, Toned and Lifted Booty. The Chosen Exercises, Sets, Reps and Rest Durations (aka 'Prescription Principles') are based off Scientific Guidelines and thus Best Suited to Reshape your Booty.


Each Program is Periodised, or Organised into Monthly (4 week) Training Phases to provide Variation in your Training Volume and Intensity, which according to Research, is Optimal for Gaining Strength and Muscle!

A lot of Women think it's Impossible to go from a Little Booty to a Strong, Perky Butt, but that's Exactly what I've Done by Following this Program and that's Exactly what this Program is Designed to Help You Do.


what you'll learn

The Most Effective Glute Targeting Exercises

Progressive Overload Principles

Common Mistakes & Strategies to Overcome Them

Proper Technique and Form for all Exercises

what you'll GET


A Comprehensive 4 week, 3 day per week, Booty Boosting Training Program. Fully Described Exercises with Recommended Sets & Reps to Achieve the Best Results.


A Private Video Library that Corresponds with your Program. Not sure how to do that Exercise? Learn Proper Technique for Maximum Results and Safety.


Print this Workout Plan and take it with you Wherever you Go. Can't Watch the Video? We've got you Covered with Photos Demonstrating each Exercise.


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