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Ivana’s resistance bands are perfect for upping your at-home workout intensity!


The 100% natural latex material make the bands extremely resilient while also providing a great elastic response.


The latex resistance bands are Ivana’s favourite home workout accessory!


“Latex bands are very convenient for home workouts. Because of their stretchy material and varying resistance levels, the bands are well-suited for any home exercise, whether the range of movement be big or small. The instability created by the bands will cause your muscles to fire even more than with free weights. The four sets of varying resistances make them perfect for both high rep muscular endurance and low rep muscular strength. You can even overlap resistances! For example, combine light with heavy bands for added strength training. So not only do the bands give you tons of flexibility with your workouts, but they are also a feasible alternative to lifting weights”


What You’ll Get


○ Set of 4 Resistance Bands:


– Light (0.5mm thickness)

– Medium (0.7mm thickness)

– Heavy (0.9mm thickness)

– X-heavy (1.1mm thickness)


○ Pink Carry Bag

Resistance Bands

SKU: SKU0006
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